When you're on the go, cover your ass with Undigo

Wherever you are, you should always have the sensational feeling of wearing a dry, fresh, clean pair of underwear. 


Ready to use and sterilized underwear

Oopsie? Use our underwear packed inside of an ultra-compact aluminum capsule. Simply unscrew the lid and pull out when needed.


Absolutely amazing! Five star.

-Grayling B. from Ohio     -Verified Buyer- 

''I have heard from both of my daughters that they freaking love them. I highly recommend every woman to give them a try. I don't believe you will be disappointed''.  

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Beige Cheeky  -20%

Beige Cheeky -20%

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Beige Thong

Beige Thong

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Black Cheeky -20%

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Black Thong

Black Thong

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For all those oopsies moments

'' I was lucky to travel to Indonesia, Vietnam, Hawaii and other beautiful places. Too often we found ourselves in small doubtful toilets, often without paper and we girls, must deal with that! With the heat and everything, let's say that underwear goes quickly on a journey. A back-up is always appreciated! ''

- Stéphanie, co-founder

Our (love) story

Our story began during a trip to Portugal in 2016. One night after a "love session", the two decided to go a restaurant in Lisbon city. The restaurant was a fantastic, cozy place serving good food, however, the moment was interrupted by an inconvenient situation in Stephanie’s undies. This sparked a discussion on the differences between the things women and men must live daily ...

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  • Ready to use and sterilized

  • Travel friendly

  • Reusable

  • Fit in your bag


We created this product thinking about all the situations women have to face during their lives. From the day you start your period the first time in high school, all those ''oopsie'' moments, those wonderful maternity effects on the body and some unlucky people facing problems like Crohn's disease and other non-too fun stuff.

Carry it discretely in your purse, backpack while travelling away for days or in your gym bag. Everybody should always have this sensational feeling of wearing a dry, clean and fresh pair of underwear everywhere.