Beige Cheeky

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  • 86% Nylon | 14% Elastane     
  • Available from XS to XL (Size 35 to 47)
  • Fit in your favorite bag
  • Super comfy
  • Sterilized and ready to wear
  • Size of a lipstick (10 cm X 3 cm) 
  • Perfect for travelling

You can count on this underwear without seams for a super comfort as well as a total freedom of movement.

Undigo the lifesaver underwear for all those oopsie moments. It's a ready to use and reusable no-show spare pair of woman’s brief, packed inside of an ultra-compact capsule.

Carry it discretely in your purse, backpack while travelling away for days or in your gym bag. Everybody should always have this sensational feeling of wearing a dry, clean and fresh pair of underwear everywhere.