Q: Is it possible to put the underwear back in its capsule?

A: Yes. Our technology is designed to allow users to put the underwear back into its capsule.


Q: Is the underwear leak resistant?

A: No. Our underwear is seamless and sterilize, designed to use following an emergency.


Q: What about sizes?

A :We offer sizes from XS to XL , fitting from 0 to 14 size. 


Q: How does it work?

A: It's easy! You just have to take it, open it and wear it!


Q: Is it safe to use or wear anywhere?

A: Oh yes! Undigo is ready to use. It's sterilized so you don't have to worry.


Q: What is in Undigo?

A: In this tiny capsule, you can find your comfortable and life-saver underwear and a small wash-me bag to put your stained underwear


Q: Do you have only black underwear?

A: No! We have nude underwear too.


Q: Where are the products made?

A: The underwear come from a nice, clean and safe environnement place in Vietnam.