We heard you well. 

As we are frequent travellers, this where the idea came from. Wanting a simple solution you can discreetly carry with you anywhere and can save you from uncomfortable situations. Or just to feel fresh after a long day or... a long night! 

Let's admit it : the women body is capricious sometimes. And that's perfect. But being stuck in a wet underwear after sport, or any kind of leak that may occur is not very nice. We received lots of testimonials from women around us since we began this project. 

Mothers who are just running all the time, taking care of the grocery, the kids, the house, trying to go to the gym and never find a time for themselves says that when they finally have a night out with they're friends or a new lover... they just want to enjoy it and anything could ruin this moment. 

" Don't know if I'm the only one but when I laugh very hard, I may leak some times. It could be nice to have a back-up then.''  - Melissa 

As we grow our body change and yes, after giving birth, statistics says that 33% of women will have to deal with urinary leaks at some moments of they're life. Undigo won't absorb those leaks but can allow people with light leaks to simply change underwear discreetly and continue they're day being confident and careless. And still feel sexy! 


Some people learned us too about the effects around the Crohn's disease. This uncurable problem affect 15% of the population and can really gives you some shitty day.. Imagine being stock at school, at the office or during a plane flight and the only thing you want is change underwear to feel great again. 

Life is about fun and discovery. We should focus on it and don't let our body slow us down. 

'' The other time I was in a public toilet and took off my menstrual cup to empty it. A little clumsy, I half-escaped and I spilled a lot of blood on my panties, wich was lowered at my tighs, I wish I could change to finish my day because it was not fun!''   - Cathy 


Imagine when you were in high school and getting your period for the first time during a math class. Have to wait to go to the toilet and discovered what really happen down there. A back-up would be just wonderful isn't it?