Our (love) story


Our story began during a trip to Portugal in July 2016. Patrice had just left his job in the search of new challenges and Stéphanie, an elementary school teacher, allowed for them to have a full month of traveling during the summer. 

One night after a "love session", the two decided to go a restaurant in Lisbon city. The restaurant was a fantastic, cozy place serving good food, however, the moment was interrupted by an inconvenient situation in Stephanie’s undies. This sparked a discussion on the differences between the things women and men must live daily which led to the idea that, wherever you are, you should always have the sensational feeling of wearing a fresh, clean pair of underwear.

Although Stéphanie did not get pregnant that night, the idea of a pair of underwear you can keep with you was born. We are now proud to present Undigo to the world.