Black Cheeky

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  • 86% Nylon | 14% Elastane     
  • Available from XS to XL (Size 35 to 47)
  • Fit in your favorite bag
  • Super comfy
  • Sterilized and ready to wear
  • Size of a lipstick (10 cm X 3 cm) 
  • Perfect for travelling

Undigo the lifesaver underwear for all those oopsie moments.

UNDIGO is a ready to use and reusable no-show spare pair of woman’s brief, packed inside of an ultra-compact capsule.

We want to empower women to feel in control, strong and confident in delicate situations where a change of panties is needed.

Carry it discretely in your purse, backpack while travelling away for days or in your gym bag. Everybody should always have this sensational feeling of wearing a dry, clean and fresh pair of underwear everywhere.